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Plein Air Frames

ArtFrames offers plein air artists a large selection of finely crafted, solid wood plein air frames
that provide quality, selection and value.
Choose from a variety of styles and finishes both in standard and custom sizes that are sure to enhance your art work.
All frames are made of solid wood and are shipped fully assembled. Glass is not included.

Wachtel DE & Silver
3.25 inches


Wachtel Gold & Warm Gold
3.25 inches

Wachtel broken gold frame


Wyeth DE & Silver
3.5 and 4.5 inches

Wyeth plein air frame

Wyeth Gold & Warm Gold
3.5 and 4.5 inches

Wyeth gold plein air frame

Laguna DE & Silver
3.25 inches

Laguna plein air frame

Firenze DE
3 and 4.75 inches

Firenze plein air frame

Bari DE & Silver
4.25 inches

Bari plein air frame

Bari Gold - 3 New Golds
4.25 inches

Bari gold plein air frame

Redmond DE & Gold
4.25 inches

Redmond plein air frame

4 inches

Tuscany plein air frame

Eakins - New - Gold and DE
3 inches

Eakins plein air frame

Turner DE & Gold
5 inches

Turner plein air frame

4 inches

Stanford plein air frame

4 inches

Sedona plein air frame

4 inches

Payne plein air frame

Dark Espresso & Gold 3.25 inches

Wendt DE plein air frame

2.5 inches

Inness Plein Air frame

Broken Gold & Dark Espresso 3 5/8

Gauguin picture frame

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